How the Soviet Union Sent Its First Man to the Internet in 1982


A very interesting article by Kevin Limonier and published by on the history of the internet from within the Soviet Union.  It is difficult for most of us to relate to the political challenges and dangers encountered in those early days.

Here is a small quote from the article, “Neither the fact that the computer room was surrounded by military guards, nor the fact that Klyosov was forbidden from going abroad had any influence. We can imagine how the situation created by this single connected Soviet computer and its only user might seem paradoxical. Just remember that the Soviet Union in the early 1980s remained a heavily cloistered state, with the authorities attempting at all costs to stop the transfer to the West of any kind of “dissident” cultural products (samizdat publications among them). In such a context, Klyosov’s case was truly exceptional.”

How the Soviet Union Sent Its First Man to the Internet in 1982

Data Breaches in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has seen an alarming rise in the number of data breeches over the past many years.  A number of reasons have been cited from the relatively unsophisticated security used to protect health data to the much higher street value of health records as compared to credit card numbers.

This infographic created by DataMotion illustrates a brief history of security data breaches in healthcare and how they have increased over time


Christmas in a Word

Christmas is many things to many people.  Sales, profits, gifts, family, food, tradition…

Christmas for me can be summed up in one word, love.  The love of a Heavenly Father that sent us the gift of hope and life through his Son.  The love of my wife, who I married on Christmas eve thirty-three years ago.  The love of our two children, who I also ‘married’ as a package deal on that Christmas eve.  The love of our four grandchildren and countless other family and friends.  The anticipation, tradition and giving of gifts is wonderful but in the end it is love that matters most and I want for nothing else.

May you have a blessed and loving Christmas.